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         Summer League Table 2018


RESULT OF THE COMPETITION HELD on Sunday 7th October 2018 over low water in calm sea conditions but windy.

19 fished 6 weighed in.

1st Paul Garbutt with 3 codling for 4lb 1.25oz. from Boulby. with best baits peeler crab and mussel.
2nd John Atherton 2 codling and 1 rockling for 3lb 10oz from Cowbar.
3rd Chris Wood 1 coley and 1 dogfish for 3lb 9.75oz also at Cowbar.
Stan Preston 2 codling and 1 rockling for 2lb 12.25oz.
Bernard Westgarth 2 pouting and 1 rockling for 2lb 5oz.
Nick Westgarth 1 codling 2lb 4.25oz also was h.s.f.
Steve Fleming 0
Charles Hunt 0
Carl Hudson 0
Micky Mellor 0
Bradley Chapman 0
Josh Shutt 0
Sam Shelley 0 
Dan Redling 0
Len Metcalfe 0
Andy Nesham 0
Mick Vickers 0
Colin Sharp 0
Bill Simpson 0

RESULT OF COMPETITION HELD ON result of the competition held on Sunday 30th September 2018.over high water.

16 fished 8 weighed in .

1st Callum Hudson new member 2 codling for 2lb 15.75oz. from Sandsend cliffs.

2nd Chris Wood 1 codling and a coley for 2lb 14.75oz. also h.s.f. a 2lb 0.75oz. coley.

also Sandsend cliffs.

3rd John Atherton 1 codling 1wrasse and 1 whiting for 2lb 6.25oz. South Gare.

Colin Sharp 1 codling 1 rockling 2lb 4oz .

Peter Race 3 whiting for 1lb 9.25oz. 

Stan Preston 1 mackerel 10.25oz.

Bernard Westgarth 1rockling 7.5oz.

Bill Simpson 1flounder 7.25oz.also heaviest flatfish.

Joshua Shutt 0

Sam Shelley 0

Steve Ewens 0

Micky Mellor new member 0

Bradley Chapman new member 0

Charles Hunt 0

Len Metcalfe 0

Dan Redling 0

RESULT OF THE COMPETITION HELD ON Sunday 2nd of September 2018 up to high water on a flat calm sea.

6 fished 4 weighed in

1st Dan Redling with 17 mackerel for 14lb 1oz from Saltburn pier.
2nd Terry Dalton with 4 coley 1 codling and 1 pollack from Whitby west pier.
3rd Colin Sharp who caught 3 flounder for 2lb 9oz from Whitby east pier.
Peter Race 1 codling and 1 mackerel from the goat track at Sandsend for 1lb 15oz.
h.s.f. Terry Dalton with a 2lb 9.25oz Pollack. h.flatfish Colin Sharp with a 1lb flounder.
Charles Hunt 0
Paul Garbutt 0

RESULT OF THE COMPETITION HELD ON Sunday 25th March 2018 fished from low water upwards in a flat calm sea.


RESULT OF THE COMPETITION HELD ON Sunday 4th March 2018 during settling sea conditions and melting snow.



RESULT OF THE COMPETITION HELD ON Sunday 18th February 2018 over high water in flat calm conditions




RESULT OF THE COMPETITION HELD ON Sunday 11th February 2018 over low water in moderate to rough sea conditions



RESULT OF THE COMPETITION HELD ON Sunday 4th February 2018 over high water in good fishing conditions

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