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About us

The Saltburn by the Sea and District Sea Anglers' Association is an organisation for rod fishermen with a current membership of about 20 anglers.


Fishing is shore based between  Redcar and Whitby. Competitions are held mainly on Sundays. Nowadays there is a seperate league of summer competitions (see fixtures).  New members are always welcome.


The aims and objectives of the club are to foster and encourage the sport of sea angling and to promote good fellowship amongst those who follow that sport.


For details of how to apply go to Membership Application or turn up at the headquarters between one and a half hours and one hour before the start of a competition.


The current headquarters for registration of club competitions is 19 Ruby  Street, Saltburn. For weigh in to competitions,  contact Guy Mason.

Contact Information & Committee

PRESIDENT                                        Guy Mason

CHAIRMAN                                         Stan Preston

VICE CHAIRMAN                             Chris Wood 

SECRETARY                                        Barbara Metcalfe

TREASURER                                       Guy Mason

COMPETITION SEC.                        Guy Mason

COMMITTEE MEMBERS               Bernard Westgarth, Nick Westgarth,

                                                              Josh Shutt, Colin Sharp, Dan Redling and Lee Holmes.

OPEN COMMITTEE                          Bernard Westgarth, Guy Mason, Peter Race, Dan Redling,

                                                               Nick Westgarth, Barbara Metcalfe, Chris Wood and Stan Preston.


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