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Saltburn Open Pegged Match

13th August 2017 - Results

Saltburn By The Sea and District Sea Anglers'Association

15th Open Shore Championships

 Was Held On


Registration 8.00-10.00am at the Spa Hotel, Saltburn, on the day or in advance from local tackle shops

Fishing 10.00am - 2.00pm and weigh in from 2.30 - 3.15pm at the Spa Hotel

For further details contact Bernard Westgarth  01325 720113  or Peter Race 01642 478351

  Boundaries: Paddy's Hole Stones, South Gare to Whitby East pier (Skinningrove pier out of bounds)

excluding any rope access and egress to rocks.

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Saltburn Sea Angling

Shore Championships


 Was Held On


For a complete list of placings

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Saltburn Sea Angling

Shore Championships


 Held On



The open this year was attended by a credible 63 anglers despite the attrocious conditions. The open committee would like to express their thanks to all who attended and especially the helpers on the day Barbara and Jacquie.
Fishing proved good with 26 weighing in 49 cod, 3 rockling, 1 bass and 1 whiting for a total of 144lb.
1st place went to Scarborough angler Paul Medd weighing in 5 cod for 13lb 1.25oz.
2nd place went to local Redcar angler John Nixon weighing in 4 cod for 11lb 4oz.
3rd place went to Marske angler Martin Jackson weighing in 3 cod  for 10lb 14.5oz.
Heaviest fish went to Redcar Angler Mark Smith with a cod of 6lb 8.25oz.
2nd Heaviest fish Mike Marshall Whitby 6lb 4.5oz from Runswick
Unfortunately no juniors or ladies attended.

Saltburn Sea Angling

Shore Championships


 Held On


1st prize £300

Boundaries: Paddy's Hole Stones, South Gare to Whitby
East pier (inclusive) excluding any rope access and egress
to rocks.  Skinningrove pier out of bounds

  Fishing times: 10am to 2 pm. Registration from 8.30am
weigh-in 2.30pm until 3.15 pm at the Spa Hotel, Saltburn by


The weather was not kind to us in terms of the snow for our Open on Sunday, however a very credible 75 anglers turned out in what can only be described as atrocious conditions.
21 out of the 75 weighed in a total of 71lb of fish consisting of 17 cod, 4 coalfish, 2 flounders, 2 rockling and 1 whiting.  First place went to Paul Medd with 3 cod for 9lb 8.25oz fishing Boulby Gulley, second also fishing Boulby Gulley was Steve I'Anson with 1 cod for 8lb 6.5oz (also the heaviest fish of the day) and third place to Jeff Lainton with 1 cod for 7lb 4.5oz from Redcar Scaurs.  Lady winner went to Vanessa Barker with 1 rocking for 3.75oz and the winning team was Steve I'Anson and Chris Westgarth with 9lb 12.5oz.

Steve Ianson

Paul Medd

Saltburn Sea Angling

Shore Championships





                                              1     Dave Smith (Mbro)     22lbs    1ozs

                                              2     Nick Westgarth           15lbs   14.5ozs

                                              3     Steve Coverdale           9lbs     1ozs

                                              4     Mark Smith                  8lbs   

                                              5     Dan Redling                7lbs     7.75ozs

                                              6     Gary Watson                7lbs     6.25ozs

                                              7     Darren Hanson           5lbs    10.5ozs

                                              8     Paul Race                    5lbs     4ozs

                                              9     Phil Mann                   4lbs    15.25ozs

                                              10   Martin Jackson           4lbs    13.75ozs

                                              11   Andrew Arris              4lbs      6.75ozs

                                              12   Colin Sharp                4lbs      5.75ozs

                                              13   James Pease                3lbs     2ozs

                                              14   J. Collage                    2lbs     5.25ozs

                                              15   John Atherton             1lb     12.75ozs

                                              16   I. Fenton                                15.5ozs

                                              17   Phil Darby                              11ozs

                                              18   R. Flett                                    10.25ozs

                                              19   Stan Preston                             9ozs

                                              20   Richard Smith                          8ozs 

                                            The team event was won by Dave Smith and Gary Watson with 29lb 7.25oz
                                            and second went to Nick and Bernard Westgarth with 15lb 14.5oz.
                                            Heaviest Single Fish was won by Nick Westgarth with 7lb 7.75oz,
                                            second Dave Smith with 7lb 4oz and
                                            third was Steve Coverdale with 6lb 3.5oz. 
                                            The heaviest flat fish went to I Fenton with a 15.5oz flounder.
                                             No ladies or juniors weighed in.

 Saltburn Sea Angling

Shore Championships

10th Anniversary Open


 Sunday 9 December 2007

This was a Low Water Competition

Fishing 8.30am till 1pm

Boundaries: Paddys Hole Stones, Redcar to East Pier Whitby




 With good sea conditions the turn out and weigh in was up on recent years. A total of 46 people weighed in 295lb of fish comprising of  71 cod, 1 dab, 10 flounders, 3 pouting, 20 rockling, 9 whiting, 1 ling and 1 polymog. There were 104 anglers. 

The £300 first prize for the overall winner went to Dave Turnbull (SADSAA member) from Darlington with  6 cod for 23lbs 5ozs. Dave was fishing at Whitestones. He also collected £54 in the Superpool. Dave was last years heaviest fish pool winner.

In second place with  6 cod and 2 rockling for 20lb 6ozs taken from Runswick was  Dennis Thompson of Whitby. In addition to his £100 prize Dennis also collected £36 second prize in the Superpool.

Third place went to Steve I'Anson with 3 cod for 16lb 9.75ozs taken from Cowbar. He picked up the £50 prize plus the heaviest fish pool prize of £93 for his 9lb 12.25ozs cod.

Ladies winner was Vanessa Barker from Redcar (£25) and Junior winner was J. Hutchinson (£25)

Dave Turnbull with 4 of his 6 cod which won him first prize.

Steve I'Anson took third  place.


Other Sweep Winners were:-


  2nd  Mark Dunbar        cod       7lb 7ozs      Hummersea          (£56)

3rd   Rob Osborne     cod      7lb 0.25ozs      Runswick          (£37)

Team winners were:

Dennis Thompson Chris France  35lb 9.25ozs      £40

Mark Smith  Dave Turnbull  27lb 10.25ozs       £26

Other results were:

4th Chris France 15lb 3.25ozs

5th Nick Westgarth 13lb 15.5ozs

6th Rob Osborne 12lb 12ozs

7th Mark Dunbar  12lb 8.5ozs

8th Rob Allison 10lb 0ozs

Joint 9th Dave Allinson 9lb 6.5ozs

Joint 9th Bernard Westgarth 9lb 6.5ozs

11th Paul Medd 9lb 1.25ozs

12th Andy Crowe 8lb 14ozs

13th Chris Scaife 8lb 9.75ozs

14th Jamie Richardson 8lb 6.25ozs

15th Mick Chadwick 8lb 5ozs

16th Paul Short 7lb 7.25ozs

17th J. Dixon 7lb 4.75ozs

18th  J. Hutchinson 6lb 14.5ozs

19th John Nixon 6lb 12.75ozs

20th Harry Moon 6lb 8ozs

21st Ian Thompson 6lb  6.5ozs

22nd D.Hanson 6lb 4.25ozs

23rd S. Fleming 5lb 12.25ozs

24th Stan Preston 5lb 1ozs

25th D. Philips 4lb 15.25ozs

26th Paul Kilpatrick 4lb 12ozs

27th Paul Lobley 4lb 10.75ozs

28th M. Smith 4lb 5.25ozs

29th G. Annis 3lb 15.25ozs

30th V.Barker 3lb 10.25ozs

31st Colin Sharp 3lb 8.25ozs

32nd Dave Turner 3lb 2.25ozs

33rd A. Little 2lb 14.25ozs

34th Matthew Hillerby  2lb 13.5ozs

35th Steve Coverdale 2lb 8.5ozs

36th K. Hewitt  2lb 6ozs

37th P. Moran 2lb 5.75ozs

38th T. Barker 9.5ozs

39th G. Watson 8.75ozs

40th Guy Mason 8.25ozs

Joint 41st B. Cooper 8ozs

Joint 41st A. Jackson 8ozs

43rd Shern Hambley 6.75ozs

44th G. Joyce 6.25ozs

45th Liam Allinson 5ozs

46th Mike Whincup 1.75ozs


Everyone who weighed in won a prize.



District Sea Anglers Association. Page updated December 2006

Ninth Saltburn Open Sea Angling

Shore Championships


 Sunday 17 December 2006

This was a High Water Competition

Fishing 11am till 3pm

Boundaries: Paddys Hole Stones, Redcar to East Pier Whitby




 With calm sea conditions prevailing and a large charity competition taking place in Durham and Northumberland the turn out and weigh in was much better than expected. A total of 28 people weighed in 40lb of fish comprising of  5 cod, 43 rockling and 21 flounders and 1 dab. There were 78 anglers including 3 ladies and 3 juniors.

The £250 first prize for the overall winner went to Stan Preston from Skelton (SADSAA member) with  6 flounders for 4lbs 4.5ozs. Stan was fishing at Skinningrove Beach. He also collected £47 in the Superpool.

In second place with a cod and a rockling for 3lb 15.75ozs taken from Port Mulgrave was Dave Turnbull from Darlington (SADSAA member). In addition to his £100 prize Dave also collected £32 second prize in the Superpool and £83 from the Heaviest Single Fish pool with the biggest fish of the day, a 3lb 0.5ozs cod. SADSAA Club President, Guy Mason, took third prize (£50) with  5 flounders from Skinningrove Beach for 3lb 8.5ozs.


Dave Turnbull with his 3lb 0.5ozs cod


Other Sweep Winners were:-


  2nd  Mark Smith        cod       2lb 10.5ozs      Sandsend Cliffs          (£50)

3rd   John Atherton     cod      1lb 12.75ozs      Sandsend          (£33)

Team winners were:

Mark Smith/ Dave Turnbull 7lb 0.25ozs      £38

Guy Mason/ Albert Robinson 4lb 5.25ozs       £26

Other results were:

4th Mark Smith 3lb 0.5ozs

5th Steve Coverdale 2lb 13.25ozs

6th M Chadwick 2lb 4.25ozs

7th John Atherton 2lb 3.75ozs

8th J Fairburn 2lb 1ozs

9th Phil Darby 1lb 15.5ozs

10th Monty Burton 1lb 10.5ozs

11th Bernard Westgarth 1lb 9.25ozs

12th Tom Cave 1lb 9ozs

13th C France 1lb 6ozs

14th Harry Moon 1lb 3.5ozs

15th Ian Thompson 1lb 2.25ozs

16th Wayne Ruddick 1lb 0.25ozs

17th V Massey 15ozs

18th  A Robinson 12.5ozs

19th Mike Blott 11.5ozs

20th Steve Aldred 9.25ozs

Jt 21st Geoff Annis 6.5ozs

Jt 21st Chris Scaife 6.5ozs

23rd John Nixon 5.5ozs

24th D Allinson 5.25ozs

25th M Whincup 4.75ozs

26th Dave Smith 3.75ozs

27th Craig Dalton 3ozs

28th S Lambert 2ozs

Ladies and Junior prizes were not won

 For view of handbook click here

District Sea Anglers Association. Page updated December 2006


Last years Details

Eighth Saltburn Open Sea Angling

Shore Championships

Sunday 18 December 2005

Although conditions were ideal for a big weigh in only 9 people weighed in a total of 32lb comprising of  8 cod, 7 rockling and 2 flounders. Sixty seven people fished including 3 ladies and 4 juniors.

The £300 prize money for the overall winner went to Dave Turner from Redcar with 2 cod and 1 rockling for 7lbs. Dave was fishing at Wills Mothers, Runswick Bay. Dave also collected £33 in the Superpool.

In second place with a cod of 6lb 10ozs taken from Port Mulgrave was Saltburn Club champion Paul Lobley. In addition to his table prize Paul also collected £22 for second place in the Superpool and £63 Heaviest Single Fish prize. Bernard Westgarth took third prize with a cod and a rockling from Hummersea for 5lb 10ozs.

Bernard Westgarth took £38 as second heaviest fish prize while Norman Stevens, fishing at Runswick landed a 4lb 7.25ozs cod to take £25 as third heaviest fish prize.

Dave Turner Overall Winner with one of his 3 fish


Paul Lobley Heaviest Fish winner with his 6lb 10ozs cod


Team winners were:-

Dave Turner/ John Nixon     7lb      £28

Paul Lobley/Mark Dunbar      6lb 10ozs       £15

Other results were:

4th  Norman Stevens   4lb 7.25ozs

5th  Mike Whincup   3lb 4 ozs

6th   Chris Wood   2lb 5.75 ozs

7th Gordon Young Snr   1lb 10 ozs

8th  B. Hughes   1lb 4.25 ozs

9th  Guy Mason  1.75ozs

Ladies and Junior prizes were not won

As is tradition with this club all remaining table prizes were raffled off so that every fisherman who turned up for the weigh in received a prize  



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