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        Club Records and Notable Events

 From records available at the time we think that these were the club

record weights as of 2012 for fish species caught and recorded

during club competitions.  If anyone disputes anything, or

has any missing information regarding these lists please let us know. 

3 Bearded Rockling, 13.5oz  caught by James Moore on 3rd December 2005. Where? What bait?

Ballan Wrasse, 3lb 9.75oz, caught by Dan Redling at Kettleness on 29th July 2001 using fresh peeler crab.

Bass,  4lb 4oz, caught by Gordon Drury in October 1983 from Saltburn Pipe on ragworm.

Blenny, 9.25 oz caught by Guy Mason on 31st October 1993 in The River Wier, Claxeaux on peeler crab.

Cod 14 lb 12.25oz caught  by James Moore on 24th March 2001 at Kettleness using lug and squid.

Dab, 1lb 1. 0oz  on Saltburn Pier (details unknown). Who? When? What bait?

Eel,  2lb 4.5oz, caught by Terry Dalton  on 21st September1997 at Whitby on peeler crab.

Flounder,  2lb 10.5oz, caught by Dave Turner on 2nd July 1995 using fresh peeler crab.

Mackerel, 1lb 12.25oz, caught by Chris Wood on 5th July 2000 on mackeral strip.  Where? 

Plaice, 1lb 11.75oz, caught by Patrick Moran on 5th October 1997 at the Pilot Pier Hartlepool using rag and squid.

Pouting, 2lb 0.75oz, caught by Bernard Westgarth on 24th March 2002 at Hummersea. What bait?

Twaite Shad, 1lb 4oz, caught by Chris Hadden on 4th July 2004 at Saltburn Pier on mackerel bait. 

Whiting, 1lb 14.25 oz,  details unknown. Who? When? Where? What bait?

Cod in double figures have been caught by club members while

out pleasure fishing or in matches and also some bass

approaching 4 lbs weight and many specimen flounders.

Dave Chudley caught a bass of 3lb 15.25 oz Redcar Beach on 23rd July 2008.

Some Notable Catches:

In the November 2002 Cod Festival 144lbs of codling were weighed in by over 30 anglers with cod up to 6.5lbs

10th November2002, James Moore, 36 whiting for 15lb 4.5oz.

9th February 2003, Mike Ayton, 32 whiting for 17lb 5.25oz.

30th October 2004, Terry Dalton, 72 whiting for 40lbs 2oz. in a 'Moonlighter' match.

7th November 2004 , Paul Lobley, 54 whiting for 27lb 15oz. at the Ore Terminal.

5th December 2004, Bernard Westgarth, 64 whiting for 36lb 4oz.

23rd November2007, Paul Lobley, 35 whiting & 1 rockling 18lb 9oz.

11th December 2011, Richard Spaven, 23 whiting for 18lbs 13.75oz., South Gare Breakwater.




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